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Recycling saves the Earth

Recycling converts used materials into new products, reducing the need to consume natural raw materials from the Earth. When materials are not recycled new products are made by pulling new, fresh, raw materials from the earth. Recycling helps to conserve our precious natural resources and protect the Earth for generations to come.

Recycling saves energy

Even when comparing all the costs, utilizing recycled materials in manufacturing substantially lessens the energy load as compared to using raw materials. Extra energy savings are had because more energy is needed to extract, refine, process and transport raw materials as compared to recycled materials.

Recycling reduces landfill

Recycling processes materials into new products keeping heavy metals and other toxic materials out of landfills which in turn lowers greenhouse gases like methane. The less we send to landfills, the greater we reduce the reenhouse gas emissions.

Why does E-cycling matter?

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